Indiana American Water Acquires American Suburban Utilities Water System in North Central Indiana

GREENWOOD, IND. (September 21, 2015) – Indiana American Water President Alan DeBoy today announced the company’s acquisition of an investor owned water utility in north central Indiana from American Suburban Utilities. The purchase of the system increases the company’s customer base by approximately 330 residents.

“The acquisition of this system will provide American Suburban water customers with lower rates and access to operations and capital management water professionals and a number of customer service options and payment methods,” said DeBoy. “Indiana American Water already provides
water service to the nearby City of West Lafayette in this part of the state, so this is a good fit for us and a continuation of our efforts to expand our presence across Indiana.

“The acquisition will also improve water quality for area residents,” DeBoy continued. “We have made significant investments recently in new and existing water treatment facilities in the area, and customers should notice less iron and manganese in their water after we hook them into our
West Lafayette water system.” 

The acquisition of the American Suburban Utilities system for approximately $140,000 was approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission last month and closed by Indiana American Water and American Suburban on Monday, September 21, 2015. The American Suburban water system will be incorporated into the company’s West Lafayette district, which currently serves approximately 11,000 customers or approximately 28,000 residents in the area.





Source: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMERPR/814938341x0x851293/F97C67E4-DF9E-4F21-9400-78B1EBC2AF05/American_Suburban_Utilities_Acquisition_news_release_STATEWIDE.pdf

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